Review: Why Ironmaster make the best adjustable dumbbells

So as regular readers will know most of my articles on home gym equipment and strength training have focused on barbells and barbell based exercises (such as the squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press). Now we will look at another great piece of equipment for free weight training – adjustable dumbbells. These really come [...]

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All You Need to Know About Weight Training Gloves

So something a lot of people want to talk about is hand protection when weight lifting - weight training gloves. Why would you need to protect your hands while lifting? Well as you know (or will soon know!) Olympic barbells have "knurling" which is essentially roughed up areas that provide grip when lifting. This can [...]

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HIIT Turbo Trainer Workouts – Beginners Guide to Everything!

So if you're anything like me then after a while of bulking & adding mass, you will start to feel a little fat and overweight. This is inevitable - any time you add weight you will ALWAYS add lean mass & fat. There is no way around it! Now I've tried a few ways to [...]

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What Body Shape Am I & Why Doesn’t It Matter?

Your natural body shape plays a huge part in how you look - whether you're fit, unfit, overweight, underweight or darn near perfect! Why is this? Because your natural shape will always be underneath! Now GENERALLY people will refer to themselves as one of three body types - an ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph. Lets take [...]

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How to Get BIG: My Journey to Adding 50 Pounds of Mass

Let me cast my mind back to when I left University… At that point I was around 125lbs/56kg wet. That’s around 9 stone! How light is that?! Anyway I started work in the “real world” and eventually turned my thoughts to my general health... And how to get big! It didn’t take long to realise [...]

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Best back exercises for a killer upper body V-shape

If you want a killer upper body you’ll definitely need to include a few of the best back exercises into your routine. A strong back is really important both in terms of aesthetics and general wellbeing. In this post we will look at: The health risks of skipping back exercises A guide to your back muscles (with pictures!) Key exercises for muscle development How to incorporate these into a great routine Read on to find out more. […]

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Create the best upper body workout routine – or use mine

I think we've all been in the situation where we want the best upper body workout routine possible to maximise our muscle growth. Nothing is more frustrating than a flat chest when bulking up. In this guide we will cover some of the theory of building an effective weightlifting program before constructing our own. We will cover: 1 - Why compound movements are vital to build chest muscle 2 - How to use supplementary movements to maximise your pec development 3 - The merits of full body and split programs and which to pick 4 - The pro's and con's of different rep ranges 5 - Building an example upper half split program So lets get started.

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Can I have a squat rack in the upstairs bedroom?

Space is at a premium for many of us so one of the questions I’m most frequently asked is whether a power rack can be safely used in the second floor of a house or in an apartment. In this post we’ll look at: Why it’s safe to work out in the second (or higher) story of your building. Rough dimensions and space requirements to use a cage properly The difference between squat stands and a power cage A couple of great value options to buy in the UK &USA […]

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5 essential tips for picking home gym mats & flooring

In this blog post I’m going to explain how some you can buy some affordable gym flooring in order to: Reduce dust Minimise the noise impact of lifting weights at home Protect your Olympic weight plates and your house 5 essential things to look for in flooring Why equestrian stable mats make ideal gym floors Where you can find great value flooring in the UK & USA Lets go through these points in turn below. […]

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Bodymax CF375 Power Rack Review

Weight capacity and other statistics Dimensions: 1300L x 1160W 2100H Weight capacity: 180kg (about 400lbs) Product weight: 46kg (delivered in multiple long packages) Steele gauge: 14 gauge/2mm thick Price: c.£280 […]

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