Weight capacity and other statistics

  • Dimensions1300L x 1160W 2100H
  • Weight capacity: 180kg (about 400lbs)
  • Product weight: 46kg (delivered in multiple long packages)
  • Steele gauge: 14 gauge/2mm thick
  • Price: c.£280


The power cage comes with clear, easy to follow instructions which makes assembly easy. As ever when building a cage, I would suggest having someone to help. Packages come with all bars/bolts in separate packages which is great.

One caveat, is that cages will bend if you over tighten the bolts. Definitely one to watch out for!

CF375 Review

CF375 Review

Construction and spotters

Everything, once assembled, was straight and true and feels pretty solid.

There are complaints that the cage will wobble if doing pullups/dips. This can be offset by placing Olympic weights on the back of the rack to hold it down.

The chinning bar set up now is less than ideal in my view as I prefer a straight bar. Many online like the angled handles for comfort.

The spotters for the cage are hollow sabre safeties which push/pull out of the rack from the front. The squat rack needs enough room in front to load these in. I don’t feel confident in the quality of the bars however, and a few users have reported these bending in use. The picture below shows the hollow spotter being bent after having 50kg dropped on them:

CF375 Bent Safety

CF375 Bent Safety – 50kg dropped

Personally I would prefer to pay the extra (c£80) and get the thick, removable safeties from the CF475. Another solution is to replace with solid bars, but this is obviously additional expense.


In Excel format, ready to use!

Getting strong is hard enough - grab a copy of the workout templates I am using to take at least one headache away :)

Price and competitors

The Bodymax cage is one of the cheapest cages available at under £300. In terms of alternatives I see the primary alternative being the CF475.

The Bodymax CF475 vs CF375 is a no brainer in my view, the CF475 offers a huge amount more for a little more cash. A clear win for the CF375.

I would not recommend a cheap no-name cage. I bought one of these previously and found the spotters were very flimsy, much thinner than what the remainder of the cage was made from!

Should I buy the squat rack based on this review?

The Bodymax CF375 is an entry level rack in terms of material and price, and the spotters obviously suffer as a result. If lifting as a beginner and well within the 180kg weight limit, the CF375 would be useful to build strength and is better than no cage. I think if you continue to lift to intermediate stages you would want to upgrade in future to get access to stronger safety bars. Note the sabre poles also require a metre or so to insert in front of the cage.

I score the rack a 7/10 due to the majority of the cage being great value, but being let down by the safety bars