How far apart should dip bars be? (THIS far!)

How far apart should dip bars be? (THIS far)

I’ve been incorporating dips in to my workouts consistently for around 6 months as an assistance movement for bench press, and for a little extra tricep hypertrophy! In that time I’ve experimented with various dip stations and dip widths – here’s what I’ve learned so far. At a glance… Dip bars should be approximately shoulder width apart (45cm – 60cm on average) You can measure this on the fly by using the distance from your elbow to the tip of your fingers to set the bars Tapering your dip bars lets you experiment with different grip widths easily during a …

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The BEST parallettes in the UK

The BEST parallettes in the UK (2 choices!)

With the summer around the corner (or what passes for summer here in the UK!) I’m revisiting something I have never QUITE managed to pull off – a GARDEN gym! Yep – moving from the garage to the garden.  That is harder than it sounds with a climate as varied as it is here in the UK – the constant threat of rain means a permanent base outside can be… Challenging! Which brings me to Parallettes – a cheap, portable and viciously effective way to train if you are prepared to put the hard yards in to LEARN how to use them. They’re super easy to pick up to …

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THE "Bulldog Parallettes - Large" review

THE “Bulldog Parallettes – Large” review (10/10)

I’d had my eye on these for a few months before I bit the bullet and ordered a pair of the Bulldog Large Paralletes to review. Having mistakenly overlooked these as a training tool for YEARS I wanted to share my review with everyone. So what made me want to give them a go? Ultimately after some research I realised what an awesome tool they are to to amp up my GPP (general physical preparedness) days! Abs, triceps, obliques, deltoids – you name it, I have been working them with these the Bulldog large parallettes. Here’s my review: At a …

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My review of the small Bulldog Gear Parallettes

My Review of the Small Bulldog Parallettes (9/10)

I admit it – I find it easy to get overly excited by gym equipment… To the point where I ordered not one but TWO pairs of Bulldog Parallettes to review for the site! Let’s take a look at the smaller version today – I hope you enjoy the review, and if you’re on the fence choosing between the tall or short bars then maybe just do what I did and buy BOTH 🙂 Now jump in to find out why I think these are one of the best pairs of parallettes available in the UK… At a glance… Tall vs short parallettes is a personal decision …

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