Want gym flooring for your garage? 5 essential tips

In this blog post I’m going to explain how some you can buy some affordable gym flooring for your garage all around the globe in order to: Reduce dust Minimise the noise impact of lifting weights at home Protect your Olympic weight plates and your house 5 essential things to look for in flooring Why equestrian stable mats make a great gym floor Where you can find great value flooring in the UK Lets go through these points in turn below.

Bodymax CF475 Power Rack Review

Weight capacity and other statistics Dimensions: 1370L x 1200W 2160H Weight capacity: 363kg (about 800lbs) Product weight: 69kg (delivered in multiple long packages) Steele gauge: 14 gauge/2mm thick Price: c.£380

3 great tips to pick the best value Olympic weight set

When trying to pick the best value Olympic weight set there are a bunch of things you need to think about. In this article we will cover: What Olympic plates are Why they are better than regular alternatives Three points to look out for when reviewing sets Link to two great options for both UK and American buyers

Want the best FID bench for a power rack? Me too!

So you know you want to lift weights at home, and you’ve worked out that to do that safely you REALLY need a power rack (or some kind of squat rack or stands, at least). What next? A bench, of course! With a ton of choices out there – even in the UK these days – it can be pretty confusing when looking for a weight bench suitable for a heavy duty home gym. Let’s take a look at what exactly we should be looking for – and which one is my current ‘best buy’! At a glance… FID is …

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Why you should buy Olympic weights

Olympic vs. standard weights An Olympic bar weighs 44lbs/20kg, has two rotating ends which accept weight plates with a 2″/50mm hole and are 7.2ft long. These bars can usually hold as much as 540kg. Standard weight bars vary in length and weight but are usually 1″/2.5cm in diameter thus fit weights with this diameter hole. Olympic pro’s and cons: Weight sets are usually made to a higher degree of accuracy (i.e. lower tolerances on variances to stated weights), can hold a lot of weight but are usually more expensive. Standard pro’s and cons: Standard weight sets are readily available and allow you to work at …

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Why you NEED a power rack in your home gym

What is a power rack? A power rack, also known as a squat rack or cage, is a piece of strength training equipment which enables you to lift weights safely on your own. Safety is key to increasing strength When lifting weights the most important thing is to avoid causing yourself an injury. By strength training you are deliberately straining your body and working to exhaustion to break down muscle in order for it to grow back stronger while you rest. Having the proper equipment will enable you to work out at home without having a spotter watching over you as there are horizontal spotter bars …

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Weight benches in the UK: Reviewing 3 of the best

Most weights bench sets are simply not strong enough for proper strength training. The likes of Argos etc. will stock ‘Everlast’ or similar which have small maximum capacities of around 150kg. While this may sound like a lot, remember it includes your weight! That means if you weigh 85kg (13stone) the maximum you would be able to safely bench press with a basic one would be 65kg. That’s not a great deal to someone of that weight and through proper workout programs as a beginner you would expect to be doing high weight, low rep sets of up to your bodyweight (and beyond as …

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