How much is a Rogue Echo bike and is it worth it?

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An airbike is an absolute WEAPON in a commercial or home gym environment and can help you build a formidable engine and push your work capacity through the roof!

BUT you don’t need me to tell you that… What you want to know is how much it cost me to buy my Rogue Echo bike here in the UK, and whether the Rogue Echo is worth the money or not.

I can certainly help you out with these questions (and more) – let’s get stuck in!

How much is a Rogue Echo bike, and is it worth it?

At a glance…

  • A fully loaded Rogue Echo Bike is c.£936 in the UK
  • Full disclosure: I bought mine pre-Brexit so unsure on any issues that creates
  • The Rogue Echo Bike is fantastic, BUT I don’t think it is worth a premium over any other similar belt drive bike
  • See my comparison of the two best UK air bikes available here

How much is a Rogue Echo Bike in the UK?

I paid £861 for my Rogue Echo bike with NO accessories – so including foreign currency costs and / or taxes, but without a wind deflector, bottle holder or a phone mount. Shipping for me at the time was included for free.

Note that this was BEFORE Brexit, so I am unsure if it is still as straight forward.

Fully loaded the Rogue Echo costs around £936, with some possible savings to be had on shipping depending how many things you order at once.

The basic list prices for the Rogue Echo Bike and accessories are as follows:

EUROSGBP Equiv (Approx.)
Rogue Echo Bike795.00 basic + 159.00 tax = 954.00£858.83
Echo Bike Wind Guard22.00 basic + 13.29 shipping + 7.06 tax = 42.35£38.13
Echo Bike Phone Holder5 basic + 11.47 shipping + 3.29 tax = 19.76£17.79
Echo Bike Bottle Cage8 basic + 11.47 shipping + 3.89 tax = 23.36£21.03
Total1,039.47 EUR£935.78

Assumes 3.5% FX charge in line with what I am charged on a standard American Express card; Note if you buy certain items together you can activate free shipping on the accessories saving up to £32.61; My Echo had free shipping – at time of writing I am unsure if this is still on offer as it is out of stock so I can’t take it to checkout to confirm.

Is the Rogue Echo bike worth it?

Is the Rogue Echo bike worth the money? Yes and no. Let me explain.

A belt drive air bike is worth £900-£1000.

But specifically the Rogue Echo? 

While Rogue make great products and there is no doubt the Echo bike is one of them I have had a few issues with mine, mainly an incurable squeak which ultimately resulting in having to replace the bike! Then, after some digging, I believe pretty much all air bikes are made overseas – even the Rogue Echo. 

For these reasons I personally would save a few quid and buy a similarly robust & designed air bike that is appreciably cheaper in the Bulldog Gear Airbike 3.0 (reviewed here).

I’ve got (and regularly use) both of these bikes and have compared them previously on this site.


So a fully loaded Rogue Echo bike can be yours for £900-£1000 depending on the Euro to GBP rate and any quirks you encounter following Brexit. And make no mistakes the Rogue Echo is an AWESOME beast of a machine.

BUT is it worth it? Personally, as I had a few issues with my Rogue bike, I don’t think it is worth paying a premium for the Rogue Echo over alternative belt driven air bikes which offer the same experience. I did a comparison elsewhere to the Bulldog equivalent which I also own.

To be clear, I do think it is worth paying for a BELT driven bike over a CHAIN drive! I just think the premium belt drive bikes are so similar there is not much to be gained paying MORE beyond brand loyalty or aesthetic preferences (which is perfectly fine if that is your preference).

Of course it is your money and choice and you won’t be disappointed with whichever belt-drive airbike you opt for.

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