The 8-STEP guide to washing your workout gloves

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After a few gym sessions weightlifting gloves can become stinky… Very stinky! There’s nothing worse than reaching in to your gym bag and pulling out a super-ripe pair of gloves.

Don’t even get me started on if they are still damp and cold when you try them on!

Washing them doesn’t need to be a chore – here’s how to get them smelling brand new in under 4 minutes.

How to wash your workout gloves

At a glance…

  • Hand washing gloves is very quick and easy
  • Use mild, soapy water in the sink
  • Remember to rinse with clean water
  • Dry on a warm radiator
  • Alternatively just chuck them in the washing machine on a low setting

Got stinky gym gloves? Here’s how to clean them by hand

This is very easy to do – all we need is some basic hand wash (anti-bacterial is preferred to kill off germs) and a sink.

This is so quick I actually do it while my kettle boils for a brew…

  1. Fill your sink with warm-ish, soapy water. I use an anti-bacterial hand wash to do this, but you could try some clothes powder if you prefer. Keep the water relatively cool to avoid disfiguring the glove with excess heat.
  2. Submerge your gym gloves in the water and work the material between your fingers to work the soap into the fabric thoroughly.
  3. With the outside done, turn each glove inside out and repeat the process.
  4. Now both sides are cleaned, squeeze out any water from each glove
  5. Rinse thoroughly with clean, cool water to wash away all the soap
  6. Dry the gloves by popping on a low to moderate temperature radiator to dry (still inside out). Don’t use a tumble drier (for the same reasons we used cooler water) as the heat can damage the shape of the glove
  7. If you’ve got elasticated wrist bands or really thick material you will want to dry both inside out and the right way around to ensure a nice, even finish 
  8. Once dry flip your gloves back so they are the right way around and they will be like new

You can try and leave your gloves to soak in the sink, but I’ve never found it makes much difference so I just clean them and then dry immediately. 

Extra stinky? Here’s how to clean your gloves in the washing machine

Arguably even easier, you can just chuck them in your washing machine at a low or Eco setting (I use a 30 degree wash). Keeping the temperature low helps preserve the glove shape – too hot and it might start to warp. 

TIP for those with leather gym gloves – DON’T wash leather gloves in the machine without checking with the manufacturer first!

You can even wash them with your other clothes – but make sure any clasps, buttons, Velcro etc is tucked away so it doesn’t end up dilapidating your other gear.

To dry your workout gloves just pop them on the radiator inside out and leave them to dry naturally. 

They will be smelling brand new in no time!

Definitely don’t do this, though

If you’ve got sweaty gloves DO NOT spray them with aftershave, deodorant or any other perfume. It will just make everything worse.

Ask me how I know… 🙁


So in less than 4 minutes you can clean your workout gloves looking (and smelling) brand new – you have no excuse for stinky gym gloves now!

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