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3 great tips to pick the best value Olympic weight set

When trying to pick the best value Olympic weight set there are a bunch of things you need to think about. In this article we will cover: What Olympic plates are Why they are better than regular alternatives Three points to look out for when reviewing sets Link to two great options for both UK and American buyers

Why you should buy Olympic weights

Olympic vs. standard weights An Olympic bar weighs 44lbs/20kg, has two rotating ends which accept weight plates with a 2″/50mm hole and are 7.2ft long. These bars can usually hold as much as 540kg. Standard weight bars vary in length and weight but are usually 1″/2.5cm in diameter thus fit weights with this diameter hole. Olympic pro’s and cons: Weight sets are usually made to a higher degree of accuracy (i.e. lower tolerances on variances to stated weights), can hold a lot of weight but are usually more expensive. Standard pro’s and cons: Standard weight sets are readily available and allow you to work at …

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