Are Nike Romaleos worth it? My £140 of review

I’ve had a few pairs of lifting shoes now and friends I workout with often look at them with bemusement – what are they for? Why do they look like that? They cost HOW MUCH?! So I will answer what, why and how much here… As well as conclude on whether they are worth the money or not! At a glance… Weightlifting shoes are designed to help with squatting and Olympic movements primarily They are worth it if you value good form and adding weight to the bar Romaleos are great, but at full price there are better value options out there You can’t run competitively in …

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How to wash your workout gloves

The 8-STEP guide to washing your workout gloves

After a few gym sessions weightlifting gloves can become stinky… Very stinky! There’s nothing worse than reaching in to your gym bag and pulling out a super-ripe pair of gloves. Don’t even get me started on if they are still damp and cold when you try them on! Washing them doesn’t need to be a chore – here’s how to get them smelling brand new in under 4 minutes. At a glance… Hand washing gloves is very quick and easy Use mild, soapy water in the sink Remember to rinse with clean water Dry on a warm radiator Alternatively just chuck them in the washing machine on a low setting Got stinky …

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ATX Barbell Review

ATX RAM barbell review: 4 years of use!

In the UK the choice of premium barbells is different to our American friends. We have a ton of options – but trying to find out more about the brands, the bars themselves and work out if they are actually any good can be a headache.  One that does pop up from time to time on Reddit and various forums is what many consider to be the best ATX barbell – the ATX Ram bar. I’ve been using an ATX Ram barbell for around 4 years now. I’ve pulled this review together to try and help the brand and the bar get some publicity, and put some real life experience out …

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Starting Strength Diet

The Starting Strength diet: A review in 2020

Mark Rippetoe and Starting Strength are responsible for getting a ton of people into lifting with their simple training program. While the training plan is quite straight forward there remains ambiguity around what your diet for Starting Strength should look like. Let’s take a look at what Starting Strength says about nutrition, and test that against what the wider industry is saying these days. At a glance… We are what we eat Focus on your protein, carb, fat and fibre intake The original Mark Rippetoe diet for Starting Strength guidance still has some merit A lot of the more recent Starting Strength material online is inconsistent with the original message, and unhelpful Starting Strength …

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Weightlifting bests: 10mm vs 13mm

Weight lifting belts: 10mm vs 13mm (+3 more tips)

10mm vs 13mm – just what difference can 3mm make? In terms of weightlifting belts, quite a lot it seems! After dropping some stubborn belly fat recently I had shrunk down to the smallest hole on my 10mm ZuluGlove belt (I still need to do a review on that belt). I was then hit with a conundrum – what exactly should I replace it with? I’ve ended up with a 13mm SBD lever belt to sit alongside my 10mm ZuluGlove but it wasn’t a straightforward decision, and the difference in the belts now I’ve got them both side by side …

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What is Westside hole spacing?

What is Westside hole spacing?

I love gym equipment, and one of the biggest purchases I have made for the gym was my power rack. I’ve had it for a few years now – but I remember agonising over which rack was the BEST… Best value, best quality, best all round…  As ever with these things, it’s not that straight forward and there is no one-size-fits-all. Ultimately it depends on how we train and want to use our rack. What fits in my life may not be ideal for you. So lets break open one of the most discussed points on the web when it comes to buying a power rack, what is …

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Assault bike workouts for fat loss

30 FREE assault bike workouts for fat loss

I’ve been using a Rogue Echo airbike as my ‘go to’ for cardio since June 2018. In that time I’ve dropped roughly 45lbs of (mostly) fat through a mixture of increasing my cardio training on my assault bike, and cleaning up my diet a bit (which I can get into in another post!) What people REALLY want to know is if an assault or similar stationary bike good for burning belly fat? I can answer emphatically YES it is, as along with 45lbs of weight loss I also dropped almost 8” from my waist measurement. Here are some cool workouts …

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How to get bigger forearms at home

How to get bigger forearms at home: 2 Simple Ways

Forearms – simply the bit between your wrist and elbow. Not much to it, right? Well for some of us naturally skinny guys growing huge forearms can seem unachievable! Well worry no longer – I’ve got a couple of awesome methods you can follow to grow your forearms at home (even if you’re an ectomorph like me.) At a glance… There are over 20 muscles in your forearm! Consistently training for a few months will grow your arms Rope (or rock) climbing will grow your upper body muscles If you have weights try farmer walks, static holds and fat grips to target your forearms What is the forearm for? So …

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Running with a weight vest: Good or bad?

7 reasons why running with a weight vest is BAD for you

A super-common question that I get asked by friends is what weight vest should they buy, how should they use it and is it good or bad to run with one on. Something about a wearable weight seems to be much friendlier to the novice than a barbell or dumbbell so I’ve been asked this a ton of times – even by my own mother! So let’s take a look at the infamous weight vest and establish once and for all – is it good or bad to run with one on? In summary, running with a weight vest is good for adding intensity to …

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Bulldog Airbike 3.0 Review

Bulldog Gear Airbike 3.0 Review

Introduction Over the past few years airbikes have grown in popularity – thanks in no small part to CrossFit! They are easy to learn, simple to use and massively capable of building a crazy strong cardio engine! Today I’m looking at one the UK manufacturers latest offering – the Bulldog Gear Airbike 3.0. At a glance… An airbike is a simple to use yet versatile cardio fitness tool They can be used for HIIT or LISS training Bulldog are a UK company that have a great bike for sale Owning both a Rogue and Bulldog bike I prefer the ride of the Bulldog Check it out right now here What is an airbike? An airbike is a cardio …

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